How Papier redefined the stationery sector

Creative Insight
After doing some research on the market he found, with some shock, that the world spends around 0 billion on stationery every year. “The more I dug in, the more I realised that there was a huge opportunity there – not just because the market was so big, but because there was no brand really owning and defining the category overall, or doing it in a way that’s relevant to the modern consumer,” he says.
Before launching card and stationery business Papier, Taymoor Atighetchi worked as an antiques dealer on London’s Portobello Road, and later as a management consultant. His family has been working in antiques for years – his surname translates to antique dealer in Farsi – and he describes the experience as cementing his deep love for art and design. Years working at a major strategy consulting firm also developed Atighetchi’s branding expertise and, he says, taught him key lessons about how businesses grow and develop.
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As the business unveils a major rebrand, founder Taymoor Atighetchi shares how he’s spent the last six years building a category-defining stationery brand