Designing The Guardian’s new Saturday magazine

To promote the new magazine around the UK, the team also worked on a campaign which is running currently across social media and out-of-home billboards. The witty campaign plays on our pandemic-induced collective rustiness when it comes to going out, visiting cultural sites, travelling and eating in restaurants. “Forgotten how to Saturday?” the campaign asks, turning the day of the week into a verb that encompasses all of the weekend pursuits we used to be so accustomed to, but which now feel quite alien. The accompanying visuals depict a cast of slightly hapless individuals, who seem to have forgotten over the past 18 months and multiple lockdowns exactly how to visit a museum, choose a book to read, and dress up for an evening out and about.
Readers will find the publication broken up into four discrete sections, each with its own vibrant colour palette to keep it distinct from the rest: Cuttings, Features, Culture, and then Lifestyle, which contains Books and Travel. “In a magazine of this size, navigation is vital,” says Chris, “and we refined the sections down to key themes to help the reader orientate themselves.”
In terms of format, the team has opted for the largest size possible, maximising page area and minimising paper waste at the print site. The magazine’s standard length is 112 pages and is designed with what Chris describes as “a horizontal grid structure that underpins everything and ensures familiar alignments across the magazine”. This grid, and the bigger font size the team has used within the body copy, has ensured enhanced readability.

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