Ragged Edge creates a “magical” new identity for stationery brand Papier

The rebrand sees Papier take on a more refined and artistic visual identity, straying from the usual aesthetics of direct-to-consumer start-ups. Typography, space and composition take centre stage as the packaging adopts colour palettes that reflect the diverse array of products on offer. This came from an extensive piece of customer-outreach work conducted by Papier, which found that its stationery often reaches beyond an aesthetic impact and “invites us to express, realise and transform who we are”. For Papier, this rebrand “is all about that transformative power of stationery,” drawing on the particular kind of magic one finds between the covers of a notebook.
Stationery brand Papier (known for its award-winning customisable products) has launched a rebrand with London-based branding agency Ragged Edge. This comes as the business continues to grow rapidly after its establishment six years ago in Soho, having attracted millions of customers worldwide since. Papier, which is known for its acute attention to detail and personalisation services, “wanted an approach that would challenge us and push us to be brave,” Taymoor Atighetchi, the company’s founder and CEO, notes in a statement. The decision to partner with Ragged Edge made perfect sense for Atighetchi, who believes the agency’s ethos has delivered something that “really sets Papier apart from the pack”.

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