SomeOne rebrands London’s Olympia, as the area is redeveloped into ambitious new creative hub

Law continues that he wants visitors to have “the same sense of excitement and anticipation as a child at a funfair” when experiencing the branding at Olympia. He explains that, since the space has always been a spectacular showcase, “the new destination brand aims to amplify that feeling.” The opening of the newly developed London Olympia is predicted to be in 2024.
It was important for SomeOne to create a brand with longevity at its heart because, as David Law, founder of SomeOne, claims: “Brands may come and go – but buildings last.” So they sought to create a brand which is able to adapt and change over time.
The primary typeface, Right Grotesk by Pangram Pangram Foundry, was chosen for its variable nature and multiple weights, meaning it could be manipulated into different visual settings. To induce a sense of spectacle – which is what Olympia was originally built for – the creative team took inspiration from vintage exhibition posters for Olympia which featured contrasting styles, and used now to provide space for emphasis. This contrast motif was carried through to the colour palette: it sees rich, dark tones combined with softer and brighter colours. The team hope that this also gives a sense of light and shadow, promoting the ‘showtime’ motif through a subtle hint to spotlighting.

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