Enter the mesmerising and magical world of animation graduate Rebeka Mór’s digital 3D art

The freedom that came with working in the digital 3D world was really inspiring for my experimentation process. My learning experience has been mostly instinctive, resulting in a playful approach to these highly technical softwares. I’m often not in full control, which has been extremely beneficial to my work.
RM: It’s such an exciting tool for exploring surrealism and magic realism. 3D animation really allows you to create magical pieces because it has a natural ability to portray and materialise magic. It is perfect for creating immersive worlds, and it allows me to build a semi-realistic replica of our reality while being entirely free to incorporate otherworldly elements, apply supernatural physics, or modify shapes, textures, and materials.
It’s Nice That: How did you first get into digital 3D art, and what excited you about it?
Rebeka Mór: During my first year of studying animation at the Willem de Kooning Academy, we were tasked with creating a 3D animation. It was a pretty big challenge for me at the time, since I was super comfortable working in 2D. The funny thing is that I completely failed this project, but the process of working with this new medium was so intriguing to me that I wanted to learn more about it.
INT: I love how your work deals with surrealism, magic, and dreamscapes. What is it about the digital art medium that lends itself to these themes?

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