Scouts introduces new programme Squirrels, with branding by Supple Studio
As well as the logo and wider branding, Supple Studio has created a series of new badges, a Squirrels storybook and other merchandise for the new programme. Working alongside Supple Studio, the copy and tone of voice for the project was developed with totalcontent, photography was supplied by Tom Hull, and logotype refinement was carried out by Rob Clarke. “From the beginning of the project, we were aware we needed to create an identity that was accessible but also aspirational. Something that could appeal to early years children and their parents in equal measure. So we created a toolkit of elements that felt age appropriate and vibrant, but also crafted; with a style more akin to a lifestyle brand than a charity.
The logo will eventually be used alone, when the Squirrels brand is more established, but initially will be used alongside the distinctive Scouts symbol to show it is part of the same family. The colours of the brand are also an extension of the main Scouts colour palette of red and yellow, with a number of woodland-themed colours added. “Our approach to the Squirrels brand idea was to go back to the beginning of the Scouts story – Brownsea Island,” says Jamie Ellul, creative director at Supple Studio. “It felt appropriate to use the island’s flora and fauna as inspiration for the visual language and colour – especially as Brownsea is home to a brood of rare red squirrels.
The Squirrels programme aims to support young people in deprived communities most affected by the pandemic and also bring in families that may be new to Scouts. Its branding is bright, playful and fun and features its own logo, featuring a squirrel as the ‘S’. “Using a paper cut illustration style and tree rubbings as part of the visual language gave the designs an immediate early years feel – but paired with playful, witty copy lines and clean typography, it hopefully elevates it to appeal to a discerning audience.”

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