Giphy’s new book proves the gif art form can exist just as animatedly offline

“If we can open ourselves up enough to share the playgrounds of our imagination,” says artist Head Explodie, “we might find we have more things in common than the outer world would let us believe.”
A 3D version of the book can be foundhere, allowing anyone, anywhere to flip through its pages and get a sense of its content. “Nothing, though,”, says Giphy, “will beat the experience of holding the book, and a little bit of animated history, in your hands.”
Giphy claims that its group of contributors are as “diverse and varied as their preferred materials: flipping through the pages reveals a vibrant and diverse world of claymation, celluloid (hand-drawn) animation, drawing on bodies, computer renders and photographic portraits. All of which are united by a love for the animated gif.”
You can get the book from these locations: Books Are Magic (Brooklyn): Available online and in store; Desert Island (Brooklyn): Available in store, Museum of the Moving Image (Queens): Available in store, Giphy on Big Cartel (Internet): Available online, House of Speakeasy (Brooklyn Book Festival): Available in person, 10/3, Vroman’s (LA): Coming Soon. All sales from Frame by Frame go to the above independent establishments and local charities.
The book features tactile delights as well as visuals such as the velvety matt lamination of the pages. And the stickers along with the vibrant colours of the holograms and typography are a sensory feast that leave you wanting to explore and experience each page over and over again. Many pieces draw on the experiences of the last year or so we’ve all struggled through: “This is about pining for romantic Love during times of isolation,” claims contributor Dax Norman.

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