Month: September 2021

Famous Graphic Designers

Paula Scher April Greiman is considered one of the famous graphic design artists because of her work and involvement with technology. As computers became a larger part of society, most graphic designers shied away from


How Papier redefined the stationery sector

Creative Insight After doing some research on the market he found, with some shock, that the world spends around 0 billion on stationery every year. “The more I dug in, the more I realised that

Designing The Guardian’s new Saturday magazine

To promote the new magazine around the UK, the team also worked on a campaign which is running currently across social media and out-of-home billboards. The witty campaign plays on our pandemic-induced collective rustiness when

How to make your company more sustainable

Creative Insight If you work for a creative business, what’s the biggest impact you have on the environment? Is it the energy and materials that you use to run your studio space? Or perhaps travelling

Van Orton Design + 11th Hour Racing Team Collaborate on Artistic Canvas Promoting Ocean Health

We’ve featured the colorful work of Van Orton Design in the past and are delighted to see this Italian-born dynamic duo’s latest project in collaboration with 11th Hour Racing and French yacht design specialist Jean-Baptiste

Ragged Edge creates a “magical” new identity for stationery brand Papier

The rebrand sees Papier take on a more refined and artistic visual identity, straying from the usual aesthetics of direct-to-consumer start-ups. Typography, space and composition take centre stage as the packaging adopts colour palettes that

Stephen Tayo on photography and philosophy

Creative Insight One homegrown creative talent worth knowing about is Stephen Tayo, a photographer who fuses documentary and fashion to elevate everyday moments and highlight the beauty of his community. Tayo’s striking portraits of local

“A prayer to the future”: The process behind the handmade recycled book designed to be read in 1000 years

After hearing that every single piece of plastic ever made still exists on this planet, design agency Ki Saigon wanted to do something about it. Based in Vietnam, the studio came across this information while

Polly Alderton’s photo series offers a candid yet romantic view of family life

Alderton photographs the nurturing and patience required in bringing up children – one shot shows a young boy being sick into a kitchen bowl, while another shows two brothers peeing simultaneously into the same toilet –