Month: August 2021

Christopher Anderson’s new book reflects on intimate moments of fatherhood

“I never studied photography, I came to it by accident. So I had never put basic questions to myself like, why do I make photographs? What is a photograph? What do I want my photographs

KesselsKramer has covered LA hotel citizenM with portraits of local people

Creative Inspiration The exhibition, which takes place in the windows of the hotel itself, is on display until the end of August, with the hotel opening its doors on August 23. Previous editions have

Meet illustrator Jocelyn Tsaih and her friendly gang of amorphous characters

Born in Taipei but raised, for the most part, in Shanghai, Jocelyn tells It’s Nice That she went to a very traditional, academic school that didn’t really value the arts as a legitimate career choice

VanMoof’s new ad encourages us to ride our way out of the rat race

Creative Inspiration The spot certainly paints a damning picture of city life – showing people stuck in sweaty, anger-inducing traffic gridlocks. To ram the point home, they are all shown moving backwards, while our e-bike


The Evolving Legacy of Ken Garland’s First Things First Manifesto

First Things First 1964. Written, designed and self-published by Ken Garland. It took 35 years for the second version, First Things First 2000, to appear, in fall 1999. Kalle Lasn of Adbusters had seen the

Linn Fritz illustrates the Edinburgh International Book Festival 2021

Fritz’s animations, which usually display pleasant scenes of movement such as watering plants, cycling, and walking dogs, would seem to be the ideal fit for a campaign which seeks to remind us of the simple


The Rebellious and Revolutionary Work of Designer Eiko Ishioka

Left: Cover for Yasei Jidai, May 1976. | Right: “Can West Wear East?” (Parco, 1979). Images Courtesy of Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo For Eiko Ishioka, one of Japan’s most groundbreaking designers, creativity was an

Mentis music video follows budding DJ’s journey to Ibiza

Creative Inspiration Eoin Glaister’s music video for Mentis’ recent track Excuses charts the highs and lows of trying to become an Ibiza DJ, in witty fashion. The video follows Debs playing in front of a

Harry Rose explores photography as a tool to process grief

He has plans to turn the project into a small book or zine with sales going to charity Calm. “It’s important to me that my journey on the road can have a positive impact on