Month: August 2021

Gradwatch 2021: Photographer Maria Meco Sanchez, UWE Bristol

“I’d love doing an installation piece at some point too,” she adds. “It’s such an immersive and great way to tell a story and would allow me to combine all the things I’m interested in.”

Chelsea Waites helps Pinterest capture Gen Z’s Back to School season

Hello, September! Although it’s not always a cause for celebration, the end of Summer in this case heralds a wholesome collaboration between Pinterest and illustrator Chelsea Waites. With chunky figures and a soft colour palette,

Gradwatch 2021: Illustrator Sam Wagstaff, Manchester School of Art

Wagstaff says he’d initially considered doing graphic design and photography, but while he was killing time at a Manchester School of Art open day he wandered into the illustration show and was hooked on the

Scottish designers are showcasing the future of the hybrid home at London Design Festival

Apart from these design elements, the show is about making our homes brighter, more tactile and more individual, says the director. She continues that “Nicholas Denney’s side tables have this amazing condensed pattern that replicates

McSweeney’s Audio Issue helps the visually impaired access and enjoy print publication

McSweeney’s editor Claire Boyle, Radiotopia’s Julie Shapiro and Audrey Mardavich, and Audio Issue senior producer Andrew Leland co-produced the 64th issue of the Quarterly Concern. It’s available for pre-order now and will be released early

Jeano Edwards’ debut book shows Jamaica as he sees it

EverWonderful by Jeano Edwards is out now; Handling the design and sequencing of the book allowed Edwards to understand his work more intimately, and grasp the patterns in who he photographs and how. “I


Human After All rebrands a social media agency with the aim of creating clarity from chaos

In order to create a “real statement of intent”, James Woods, senior designer from Human After All, claims that it was important to help the social media agency Born Social embrace a mature attitude without

Jealous curates group show at London’s Saatchi Gallery

Creative Inspiration The show includes many works that are rarely or never exhibited, including pieces by painter and muralist Gary Stranger and artist Sara Pope. Light artist Chris Levine contributes his recent portrait of Kate

Designer Spotlight: Romain Billaud

We started the designer spotlight to promote designers across the glob. Times are definitely changing, we all live in a pandemic and hopefully soon a post-pandemic reality. Economically things will be difficult initially but eventually