Chelsea Waites helps Pinterest capture Gen Z’s Back to School season

Hello, September! Although it’s not always a cause for celebration, the end of Summer in this case heralds a wholesome collaboration between Pinterest and illustrator Chelsea Waites. With chunky figures and a soft colour palette, Waites hopes to invoke a joy in returning back to school and university through her eight illustrations commissioned for Pinterest.
Pinterest spoke to 13-25 year old users who are starting a new chapter in their lives – from starting a new school year, going to university for the first time or, for recent graduates, moving to a new city, starting an internship or getting their first job. Pinterest thereby hopes to be exciting, energetic, colourful, upbeat and the most inspiring platform for this demographic.
Waites, the Manchester-based illustrator, explains that Pinterest was quite keen for her to keep her style, “which was really flattering!” she claims. Waites usually opts for a muted colour palette and she knew that she wanted to “change that up” for this project – “Pastels and bold colours are popular with Gen Z and fortunately, Pinterest’s branding already utilises these colours, so it was pretty perfect. I was able to marry my comically large ears with Pinterest’s brand identity.”

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