A Snapshot of the Design Industry in Five Graphs

So while we don’t have a crystal ball for telling you exactly how much your colleague is making, we hope this data (and don’t forget about this spreadsheet!) will make you feel like you have more answers than questions. 
We dug into the latest release of the Design POV research to unearth data around how designers are landing jobs and getting paid in the industry. The full report (free for AIGA members, for nonmembers), puts it all in context, but below you can find five data points that we think highlight important information about where the industry is today. Think of it as a Q&A in infographic form. 
The design industry can feel like a black box, especially when it comes to finding a job and getting paid. Everyone has been there—the anxious feeling of negotiating a salary, the fear of asking for too much, or too little. This lack of transparency can impede progress towards creating more equitable, diverse, and inclusive workplaces. 

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