DR.ME creates a handmade, 90s-inspired campaign for the 21/22 Man United away kit

DR.ME is widely experienced in the field of art and design, and its client list includes labels such as Sony, R&S, Parlophone, Universal, Domino, Young Turks, and artists such as Mick Jagger, Ela Minus, WU LYF and more. The studio also self-publishes its own printed material, including Cut That Out: Contemporary Collage within Graphic Design, which launched in 2016 with Thames & Hudson and Monacelli Press. Its collage work, too, has been exhibited globally in solo and group exhibitions across Berlin, London, New York and Dublin among other locations.
In terms of the design itself, DR.ME paired imagery from the Manchester United archive, friends’ season tickets and Risograph printing. The process involved continuously running copies through the Risograph to give the work a grainy, archival aesthetic: “a feeling of authenticity like the old fanzines sold outside Old Trafford would have had,” adds Edwards, noting how they avoided digital processes. “Even though it would have meant much more work, making everything by hand was essential. The hand-cut elements coupled with the grain and texture from the old imagery, having been run through the Risograph, gave everything a tactility and unpredictable element that we and, to a greater extent, the club, really loved!”

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