Patagonia Action Works connects creatives with organisations to take action against vital issues

Nathalie now feels happy with the type of work she does every day. “We’re all about being a decentralised network that truly values everyone’s identities and voices no matter our job title,” she says. “Because at the end of the day, our full selves – in my case being an able-bodied, cisgender woman, first-generation American, Afro Latina, that comes from a low-income community – intersects with the very justice movements we’re fighting for.”
Nathalie says she is a “huge introvert” who can get nervous in new environments, “so digital volunteering kept me in my comfort zone while still giving me the opportunity to help nonprofits doing dope work.” Plus, she gets to work with people who live in different places across North America and Europe, use her writing and communication skills, and learn new ones, too: “A lot of us think we need to know everything there is about our specific role, when we’re all really just faking it until we make it,” Nathalie says. “Digital volunteering reminded me of that, making me more patient with myself and proving to myself that it’s possible to learn new things if given the opportunity.”
So far, Nathalie has volunteered her skills with a few organisations, writing newsletters and other materials, and learning how to create a branding guide. After seven months volunteering with Power Shift Network (PSN), an organization that mobilises the collective power of young people to mitigate climate change, she got a full-time job offer from the group. “I loved PSN’s mission and work, and wanted to stay in touch with them.” Nathalie had applyied for a different role initially, but the organisation reached out with one that was better suited to her skillset. “That’s the power of relationship building, which is a huge part of what we do at PSN.” Nathalie says.

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