Extinction Rebellion prints Not The Sun, a truth-telling spoof of the British tabloid

“To the journalists on these newspapers, we say – we need you desperately. Free yourself from your crooked owners and start telling us the truth about the climate crisis. To the public, we say – tell the editors of your daily newspaper that you are sick of their climate lies and that you want to start hearing the truth, every day, about the crisis. How can we act like this is an emergency until the papers we read talk about it like it is one?”
Not The Sun features things like Splash & page: Denier, Denier, The Planet’s on fire & Lords of the Lies – an expose of how Murdoch, Rothermere and Barclay use their newspapers to play down climate revelations from scientists. Page three also twists the typical Page three bombshell trope and instead places Boris Johnson and Keir Starmer on the spread (an image that you will never un-see). Line of Snooty is a story about the print blockage activists who used their court case to uncover Home Secretary Priti Patel’s bullying of police; News that punches up, not down, looks at the betrayal of the NHS; Motor-free Motoring is a column on the best family-friendly bikes; and Travel that doesn’t cost the world looks at sustainable holidays.
After creating Not The Sun, the team received a few unnerving responses. “Two major printers and their lawyers refused to print our tabloid after seeing our hard-hitting front-page exposé of Murdoch’s environmental crimes,” says Steve. “They were clearly terrified of the media baron, and worried that he would seek to damage their business in revenge for printing stories critical of him and his global empire.”
Extinction Rebellion is known for taking radical action against the ecological crisis, and its latest release of Not The Sun is of equal importance to its mission. “If a little group of volunteers and activists can create and distribute a high-quality, hard-hitting national tabloid that tells the truth, imagine what the power, resource and talents of the big newspapers could do,” continues Steve in the release.

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