Moving between illustration, painting, and ceramics with multi-talented artist Claire Christerson

Claire is also quick to cite the upcoming exhibition as a favourite of theirs, but not for reasons of it being particularly better than their past work. Instead, Claire is simply an artist who doesn’t dwell on former works, “though I definitely remember them”. Every new project for Claire is going to be their best. “I get so excited to keep on going with my ideas, so my favourite work is always what is happening in the moment,” they say. “Because it’s what is challenging me and motivating me to learn new things and grow”. Perhaps that’s part of the reason as to how Claire has managed to sustain success in multiple mediums; resisting the jack of all trades and master of none, Claire is quite simply a master of all. “The way I create my art has changed the most over time,” the artist tells us. “I’ve moved into ceramics and oil painting, and my ceramics practice has evolved because I am just so interested in always learning new techniques”.
As an artist who finds joy in maximising time spent in the studio, Claire is a lover of the process as much as they are the product. “One thing that I appreciate the most about ceramics and oil painting as well, is the slowness of that work,” they explain. “Working with these materials is more time-consuming, and it creates an intentionality that has strengthened me as an artist – patience has become more of my strong suit”.
But what is the magic behind sustaining such a cohesive vision over time? With so many plates spinning at once, there is always the conscious anxiety of an artist that a recognisable and distinct point of view may slip through the cracks. “Over time, I think that the fundamental ideas of my work have remained the same,” Claire says. “There is always the enjoyment of play, a reflection of memories, celebration of childhood, life, death, nature”. Ultimately, Claire hopes to continue creating sculptural and functional ceramic artworks, as well as new paintings. “I’m excited for more opportunities to share them with folks and for collaboration!”

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