Graphic Life brings together Pentagram partner Michael Gericke’s four decades of visionary work

Prefaced by legendary architect and Gericke’s long-time collaborator Moshe Safdie, Graphic Life looks at Gericke’s iconic work for organisations, events, and buildings such as the Big Ten, the FIFA World Cup, the Skyscraper Museum, New York’s AirTrain, One World Trade Centre, MIT, and Guggenheim’s new museum in Abu Dhabi, among others. Another highlight is his celebrated graphic work for AIA (American Institute of Architects) New York and the Centre for Architecture, which has always successfully sought to capture the city’s rich design culture. Other featured work includes a whole host of exhibitions, posters, publications, and visual identities.
“Every design he does so closely connects to something about its subject that you feel as if all Gericke has ever been trying to do is to coax forth the true nature of a place or a thing and understand its aspirations, and then present them with grace,” writes Pulitzer Prize-winning architectural critic and educator Paul Goldberger in the introduction to Graphic Life, a new book on the work of renowned graphic designer and Pentagram partner Michael Gericke. Spanning more than 125 projects over 520 pages, this monograph brings together Gericke’s many valuable contributions to the world of contemporary design.

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