Month: June 2021


Why Aren’t More People Paying Attention to Podcast Cover Design?

Artwork for Pushkin Industries, designed by John Custer. “There’s low bets, high reward within the world of podcasts.” For Khoi Uong, creative director at Studio Rodrigo, whose clients include Radiotopia and PBS’s Frontline, podcast cover

How brands and photography are expanding sport

On 27 May this year, director Kim Gehrig won a prestigious D&AD Black Pencil for her work, which includes commercials such as Sport England’s This Girl Can (2014), Libresse’s Viva la Vulva (2018), and Nike’s

The New York Times has rebranded its R&D department, with a generative logo reflecting its experimental nature

This move comes as the latest step forward in R&D’s growing innovation at The New York Times. R&D is known for developing tools and capabilities which enhance and refine reporters’ ability to gather and deliver

36 Days of Type by Rafael Serra

Typography Mania #293 Typography Mania is a weekly post series that comes around once a week with the best of Typography design submitted by our users at, from type videos to images everything is

Inside the weird and wonderful comics of Alison Zai

The process of creating these short yet impactful comics and illustrations proves to be a tried-and-tested method for Alison. “I always envision the entire scenario in my mind before drawing,” she explains. “I then create

How to make a thrilling sports promo

We recommend activating Javascript in your browser. “The amount of times we’ve pitched David Mitchell to do this for real,” laughs Simon Cole, lead creative on sports promos at Sky Creative. While football might get


Why and how you should keep learning throughout your creative career

Dom Davenport, founder and CEO of Created started the company in January 2018 because he “wanted to create a new take on educating creative people, one that embraced a holistic approach to the development of


Ontological Design Has Become Influential In Design Academia – But What Is It?

Illustration by Beatrice Sala. Complicating matters is the fact that we are firmly lodged in this loop before we have even developed any awareness of it, if we ever do. Just as we have no

Why mentoring’s for life (not just for uni)

Creative Insight Mentoring is a powerful tool throughout your career, says Katie Cadwell, a designer at DesignStudio in Sydney. Here she talks about how you can get it started, and what makes for the most