Month: June 2021


Six Great Book Covers and the Stories Behind Them

Nick Adam and Bud Rodecker, Span with Lucie Van der Elst (illustrator) | Nkemdiche BR: “I had been reading this fantastic series of children’s books to my son called “Iggy Peck Architect,” and “Rosie Revere

Why strong leaders will ask for help

Creative Leadership Hands up who needs some help? Now ask yourself, how often do you ask for it?  We recommend activating Javascript in your browser. But there are myriad benefits to facing up to not

Can Yang talks us through her practice of “Neobridging” ahead of her RCA grad show

Can has coined her practice Neobridging, “a speculative hypothesis of structuring new forms of practice through integrating layers and hybridising discursive polysemiotic dimensions,” she says. “In building this model of art practice, which serves as

What role can illustration play in depicting sport?

Chester Holme is originally from south east London and has worked for a variety of clients over the years including Facebook, Nike, Twitter, House of Van and Red Bull. He booked sports-based, specifically football-based commissions,

How and why Kate Prior turned to cheffing over lockdown

Before launching into the pizza chat, the illustrator told us more about how her illustrative career launched, and how it was actually a side project to begin with. Mentioning a few key projects which bring

The early years of Factory Records celebrated in a new museum show

A music and design exhibition at a science museum might seem somewhat odd, though the Manchester venue has a strong focus on the industrial history of the city, which is embedded in Factory Records too,

Photographer Tommaso Protti captures the many sides of the Amazon

“I wanted to create a portrait of a modern Amazon escaping from the clichés of an untouched nature and naked indigenous tribes,” notes Protti. “My goal was to present a place where environmental and social

An insight into one of the most extraordinary places on earth, Amazônia highlights the rainforest’s degradation

The first time Tommaso went to the Amazon was for an assignment on the impact of the Belo Monte dam, a hydroelectric dam complex on the northern part of the Xingu River in the state

How to Make a Logo in Photoshop

Logo designing has been around for a long time, but it is only recently that people have learned how to use Photoshop to make a logo. That’s because Photoshop has only been around for thirty-four