Why and how you should keep learning throughout your creative career

Dom Davenport, founder and CEO of Created started the company in January 2018 because he “wanted to create a new take on educating creative people, one that embraced a holistic approach to the development of people rather than a siloed view,” he tells us. Dom found his way after studying fine art and then became interested in 3D animation; a path that led him to his first job as a runner for Framestore. He describes this process as “very clumsy” despite the fact that it worked and so, with that in mind, Created is a place that offers a balance of learning and hands-on experience.
“The most successful creatives are masters of their craft, but can also sell themselves, ideas and potential,” he tells It’s Nice That. “They are collaborative, can lead and follow, great communicators and can harness the power of others.” Created, in turn, bridges the gap between education and industry through courses in motion design, UI and UX which include mentoring, coaching related to personal development, and time with industry experts. The idea is to ignite the creative spark in everyone and although there is a price tag attached to its Professional and Foundational courses, Created hopes to equip its students with tools to easily transition into the industry. Most importantly, Created wants to instil confidence in its students, whether that is in presenting your work, your creative abilities, or winning work.

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