Month: May 2021

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In praise of hybrid creativity

Creative Insight Yet, while in the world outside advertising and design we see people finding mixed solutions to solve their problems – carmakers shifting their focus onto mobility solutions, for example, or Disney and Marvel’s

Japanese publisher Kodansha rebrands for the first time in 112 years

Comic books flutter out of cages and around offices, swirling next to artists at work, alighting on storyboards, and into the hands of readers around the world. It’s something that could have easily become saccharine,


How a Trio of Architects Made the Image That Predicted Reality Television, Fake News, and Viral Memes

The iconic image of the Media Burn collision as the Phantom Dream Car penetrates the wall of burning TV sets. Photograph by Diane Andrews Hall. Courtesy Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive. This first

Scott Gallagher captures Northern Ireland’s murals for its centenary Gallagher’s starting point was to research murals and their meanings last winter. After mapping out locations he travelled across Belfast with his camera, slowly piecing the series together. All images: Symbols by Scott Gallagher

Mobile-First Design Tools: Benefits and Importance

What will I learn? show Through this article, you will come to know about using mobile-first design tools. On desktop, you are more likely to see additional features and white space.  Now is the time

AI in eCommerce: Limitations and Solutions

What will I learn? show Thus, AI departments include business intelligence engineers, AI architects, machine learning engineers, and data science teams. Modern AI systems can decipher and conclude human speech, compete in a rule-based system,