Month: May 2021

4 Reasons Your App Needs The Support Of A Website

What will I learn? show Apps are a great source of passive income, but only when they have enough users. Getting enough users is the job of a holistic marketing strategy.  Suppose there ever comes

A banana becomes a measurement of time in Quebec-based Paprika’s recent identity

When it comes to its style, Joanne explains, “Paprika is not interested in trends and ‘the taste of the day’. We prefer to work with emotion and graphic sensitivity.” Concept-driven through and through, the studio

Todd Midler captures the enthusiasm and unexpected beauty of car racing

“Let me preface this by saying, I am not a car person,” Todd admits to It’s Nice That, as we begin to discuss Raceway. “I enjoy how they look and the idea or function of

David Shrigley designs collection of phone cases and accessories for Casetify

Beloved British artist David Shrigley has collaborated with Casetify on a collection of phone cases and accessories featuring Shrigley’s iconic style and satirical comedy. The pieces feature phrases like “We will probably be ok” and

Good Reads: Insomniarghh is a dream-inducing zine for irregular sleepers

Insomnia is something that London-based copywriter Kitty Sutherland has a lot of personal experience with. When she didn’t sleep for most of 2019, she started writing down everything that she was learning and feeling during

Jeanette Winterson’s words get a fresh look in new Vintage series

Once the first two covers were designed and the grid established, Dean invited three members of Vintage’s design team, Rosie Palmer, Kish Rajani and Etta Voorsanger-Bril, to each take on an illustration for the remaining

Guinness celebrates the reopening of UK pubs with a charming new ad

Creative Inspiration To mark the occasion, Guinness has released a new ad. Set to the classic track, Always On My Mind, the spot sees pints of Guinness everywhere around town – in socks on a


Grid Pad. Grids with infinite possibilities.

Grid Pad sprang to life as Formist founder Mark Gowing often utilises grid systems when creating. When it came to finding notepads with multiple grids to explore, the selection was limited. So Formist decided to

Francisco G Pinzón Samper reimagines real life with “sweet honesty”

When preparing their artworks, Colombian artist Francisco G Pinzón Samper doesn’t follow the advice of their peers in discipline, lifting a technique from the film industry instead. In the lead-up to committing to an idea