Month: May 2021


Does the “I Got Vaccinated” Sticker Have Swaying Power?

“Immunity Together” stickers designed by fuseproject for the California Department of Public Health and Governor Newsom’s Social Innovation Office. Last month, the California Department of Public Health and Governor Gavin Newson’s office tapped design entrepreneur

Lydia Chan dives into the colourful and romantic world of monsters and aliens in her vivid creations

Now, however, Lydia is more interested in creating her own characters to live in those environments. Her latest project, Beaded Monsters, came about six or seven years ago “inspired by colourful alien sci-fi monsters created

K-Y’s sex-positive campaign champions female masturbation

The project features a series of billboards with witty sex-positive slogans geared towards anyone who identifies as a woman, such as ‘Let’s give ourselves a hand’ and ‘Hand up if you masturbate’. Alongside this there’s

Cheese is a new magazine for the fromage fanatic

Cheese is published quarterly and the first issue is available now, priced £10;  The first issue of Cheese covers a broad range of dairy-related topics – including a primer on the different kinds of

The New York Subway Map Debate: new light thrown on a pivotal moment in design history

In 1978 there was a highly contentious and heated public debate between designer Massimo Vignelli and cartographer John Tauranac over the future of the New York Subway Map. At the time, Vignelli was behind the

How I Work: Andrea Love

Creative Process Specialising in stop motion, the majority of Love’s work is created in needle-felted wool. This texture gives her work a cosy aesthetic that sits on the right side of twee as she tells

Printmaking Challenge V7 – Graphic Design Inspiration

We have featured the super inspiring print challenges that Jerry-Lee Bosmans shares on his Behance profile. However, Jerry keeps delivering and it’s hard not to post about. For this collection I was quite amazed by

How the V mask leapt from graphic novel pages to become the face of global anarchism

Outside the graphic novel’s success, wider audiences got to know V when the Wachowskis picked up the novel for their film adaptation, fresh from directing The Matrix trilogy; then in another unexpected way, when hacker

Colorful and Harmonious Gradients – Remind Studio Posters

For more information make sure to check out: Tugba Ozcan shared a collection of beautiful posters titled Remind Studio Poster Series. The posters feature very harmonious and colorful gradients. The stress away poster series was created