6 Benefits Of Refreshing Your Brand and Logo

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Rebranding is a powerful tool that can help you breathe a new life into your brand. It requires you to brainstorm ideas and take necessary risks. 
This also ensures that your business is heading in the right direction. 
For instance, Airbnb started their business by suggesting their service while finding affordable alternatives for travellers. 
There is no need in creating a unique brand logo. It can even be an ordinary thing like an Apple that would be associated with the brand. 
A clutter-free logo is what you need. Avoid using complex design elements!
Let’s say you shift your brand to be more male-oriented.
They come up with a brand new logo that captures the best qualities of both companies.
Especially if your brand is undergoing new development.

1 – You Need to Make a Brand Up-To-Date

It is undeniable that social media channels have a long-lasting impression on customers.
Now, let’s discuss what benefits you will get from refreshing your brand and logo. 
While rebranding has many benefits, the most fundamental one is that it captures the audience’s attention. 
Rebranding is an expensive process. The average B2B business has to spend about 5% of its revenue on marketing. Taking this nuance into account, an average rebrand will cost 10-20% of the marketing budget. 

A complete rebranding leads to a delay with the working process of your company. You will have to fill out legal papers to confirm the new changes, like a company name. 

6 Benefits Of Refreshing Your Brand and Logo

Assume that you want to make a redesign for your logo and brand in general. You know that this is a leap in the dark. You can’t predict whether the customer will like it or not. 
If you feel like it isn’t eye-catchy, you should rebrand it. 
If you decide to refresh your brand and logo without market research, there is a chance to fail. Rebranding is not about changing a company’s logo only. Rebranding must appeal to the audience. 

2 – Brand Merging 

(This necessarily doesn’t mean that they will change the name of the company.)
So, if you feel that your brand logo needs an upgrade, you should never hesitate. Just go for it!
But what makes this brand logo so unique?
By redesigning your logo, you will release promos directly and engage with your target audience. 

  • Two companies unite and create a new name.

Let’s say you like to eat apples. 

  • Two brand names are united into one.

Unfortunately, the online market is tightly connected with social media channels. Even the most recognisable brand won’t get any traction online without adjusting to social media rules. 

3 – The Mission of Your Company Is Changed 

This decision was made for a good reason.
Let us know what you think about this!
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I’m talking about Apple, Mercedes, and Coca-Cola!
Every start-up needs a good marketing strategy.
The Reasons Behind Brand and Logo Refreshing
You can follow this way of logo rebranding as well.

Note: Don’t forget to create a slogan for your brand. Make sure that it’s not too complicated and that it induces positive emotions in the customer. 

4 – You Want to Attract a Different Audience 

However, those kids are now adults, and they’re not so interested in watching MTV anymore! 
You’ve created a new brand and logo and want to reach out to a different target audience. 

There is a risk to lose your current customers with a complete rebrand. 
If your team of content creators produces content massively, you will have to update it per new brand nuances. Furthermore, along with content updates, you should take care of SEO and design as well. 
When you apply SEO changes, it may lead to a sudden drop in rankings. Likely, things will stabilise with time. 
You can explore more analogical examples of how brand promotion affects direct income on the internet. 
As a result, Doom Eternal has reportedly earned 0 million in the first nine months after release. Some of the earnings were made with the help of brand promotion. 
For this, you will need to have an active social media persona. That means changing the brand logo from time to time. 

There are cases when brands implement slight changes over time. Their brand identity is still famous and known by everyone. 

5 – Company Has Been Bought 

It was necessary to keep up.
However, there are potential risks when you start the rebranding process of your company. What should you be aware of?
The team of movie creators decided to make a new design for the “Dragon” logo.

In this blog, we discuss the reasons and benefits of refreshing your brand and logo design!

Brand merging takes place when two companies unite. This helps to create a single powerful company that doubles efforts to achieve a goal.
But before you start to implement new changes to your brand and logo, you should follow these recommendations:
Why is it needed?  Unfortunately, the company made a mistake when placing a smear of tomato sauce in the new version of the logo. 
They decided to keep the brand name “United Airlines” while keeping Continental Airlines’ logo.
Take this nuance into account while rebranding your logo. Genius lies in simplicity. 
A brand logo is a hallmark of your company.
Associations play a crucial part in affecting a consumer’s mind. 
Eventually, the movie has grossed .1 million in the United States and Canada, and .8 million in other territories, for a worldwide total of .9 million as of May 2 (2021)!
What does it mean?
Some brands have recently entered the digital world. These companies have already built a reputation within the niche. 
When one company buys another, it is called acquisition.

Let’s consider an example of Valve, a computer games creator. 

Every company needs to revitalise its marketing strategy.
Anyway, you’re trying to figure out what benefits you can get by refreshing the brand and logo. 
Also, you will have to make adjustments to your bank account, credit cards, utility bills, etc. All these changes will pause the activity of your business. 
So, they decided to rebrand the visual identity back in 2014. 
You start eating an apple and think about buying a new laptop. The first brand name that comes to your mind is “Apple”.

Benefits of a Redesign Your Brand Will Get 

[embedded content]
The fans received a Collector’s Edition for pre-orders consisting of a wearable Doom Slayer helmet, Lore book, Lithograph, and a few other things.

Each game has its army of followers. Sometimes, game fans don’t even know that the game “Half-Life” is one of the products released by Valve. 
United Airlines merged with Continental Airlines back in 2010.
Rebranding your logo will help you focus your efforts where they matter.
It is essential to run A/B testing every time you suggest new ideas for a logo design, just like you launch a few different ad campaigns to figure out which one works better. 
However, be careful with the logo rebranding. It may even be worse than it was before.

1 – Your Brand Stands Out from the Crowd 

They know how to be ahead of the curve.
Wait, why is this important?
Rebranding demands you to update content on the website
Isn’t that amazing?
It is based on the game series.
There is nothing extraordinary in this process.

With the release of the game “Doom Eternal”, Bethesda Software decided to impress the fans with an outstanding SWAG marketing material approach. 

So if you want to dominate your niche, you will have to move ahead and try things out. 

2 – It Helps Promote Your Brand Across All Media Channels

Or make up your mind to use a free online logo maker to meet the challenge by yourself.
Let’s look at a few examples.

The new “Dragon” logo wasn’t just meant to be appealing, but in fact, it was a part of the plot. 
As we can see, rebranding happens pretty often.
In the beginning, MTV news targeted a young audience of teenagers in the late 80s with their edgy visual identity.

However, Facebook replaced the original logo of Instagram with a digital analogue of a polaroid camera in pink and orange. 

Just a simple design element is involved.
Nothing more. And it helps make the logo so much easier to remember for the customer!

You can get positive results by promoting your brand across all social media channels. These channels include paid advertising, print material, trade shows, and everything in between. 

Rebranding has a bunch of benefits you can get. Here are the most common ones:
Do you remember a child’s face when they see a McDonald’s logo?

3 – Rebranding Makes Social Networking More Smooth 

The board of directors decided to approach a team of journalists and millennial influencers to help them with this problem. 
Apple Brand Identity System
Their fantastic marketing strategy has helped them conquer the market.

The simplicity. 
MTV had to find a way to resolve this style issue with the fading number of loyal viewers.
Coca Cola History Infographic
These brands may assume that there is no point in rebranding at all. 

And you also like using high-quality gadgets. 
Upon acquiring Instagram, Facebook didn’t change the name.
It will help you understand what changes can hurt your business. And what changes the audience will welcome. 
Nevertheless, you already hired a professional designer. 
A new brand may not resonate with the old army of the brand’s followers. Therefore, don’t forget to run a survey among your loyal customers beforehand. 

For example, Pizza Hut introduced a new logo design back in 2014. They didn’t make any global changes. The iconic hut roof and script wordmark are still a part of the logo.

Let’s look at an example. 
Content updates.
It costs one a pretty penny.

5 – Bring Out Emotions and Memories

In this case, the mission or what the company intended to offer changed entirely.
Keep in mind that there are dozens of other logos on the market. There is a big chance that your logo won’t win a competition and be lost.
That’s why you need to create a brand logo that will be recognisable everywhere. Since they vary, you will have to adapt your logo per each social media profile individually. 

When two companies GTE and Bell Atlantic, decided to merge, they created a new brand name called Verizon (which is one of the fastest internet providers.)

The new name of the logo was chosen as “Belo”, which embodies four principles – people, places, love, and Airbnb.
As time progressed, travellers could rent a beachfront apartment or a house in the countryside. 
Business delay
See all the changes in Coca-Cola’s logo?
Greater your brand engagement, higher the acquisition!
It fails to meet the requirements of a rebranding goal.

6 – Capture Audience’s Attention 

Lose your existing customers.
When it comes to building your brand, it is vital to come up with a new mission.
This new team concluded: To not change the logo but change the brand image! 
Let’s dive in!

Consequently, the company runs different social media campaigns, sends SWAG to the gamers with the personal logo or visual element of a particular game.

To keep your brand afresh to meet industry trends and to evolve with ever-changing customer needs.
Children always smile when they hear or see anything related to McDonald’s.
Don’t shy away from making your brand better. Switch on your imagination and create the brand of your dreams!

To Sum Up

But how to do this efficiently?
These brands have been around for a long time.
Rebranding doesn’t need to be sudden.
[embedded content] Let’s talk about the latest reboot of the movie “Mortal Kombat.”
When two companies with their unique brand logos unite, here’s what they usually do: 

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