The world’s only letterpress with hieroglyphics and a surprising annual calendar: Tickets are now available for May’s Nicer Tuesdays Online!

Pay what you can with our tiered payment system and grab yourself a ticket below. Also, did you know that if you join Extra Nice, It’s Nice That’s new membership programme, you’ll automatically receive a ticket every month for Nicer Tuesdays Online, for the entire year? That’s just one of the many perks that make Extra Nice so special. To find out more about this and all the other benefits of joining Extra Nice, head over to the dedicated part of our site.
First, we’ve got a photographer whose side project we look forward to each year. Daniel Gebhart de Koekkoek will be talking us through his hilarious calendar featuring floating Afghan hounds and model-esque guinea pigs. We’re also very excited to welcome Archief Cairo to the online stage, a design collective exploring the future of Arabic visual culture. On the last Tuesday of this month (25 May 2021 at 6 pm BST), two of its co-founders, Maram Al Refaei and Hana Neuman, will be talking us through their one-of-a-kind side project, reviving a letterpress at Cairo’s French Institute of Oriental Archaeology, a museum which houses the only letterpress with hieroglyphics in the world.
Whether you’re just starting out in the creative industry or a household name with a team of dozens beneath you, there is one kind of project that supersedes all, wherever you are in the world: the side project. This month, we’re dedicating Nicer Tuesdays to these weird and wonderful ventures, welcoming two stellar speakers with side projects of note, stopping over at Cairo and Berlin along the way. 

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