How to Create Viral Instagram Posts

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There’s no doubt that you’ll have to drive a lot of different things in your favour to get “Instagram famous” – but what if we spilled all the secrets?
Don’t wait until the trend goes extinct. Get early in the game if you want to see the results.
Interesting stories enhance audience engagement. Being a visual platform, Instagram boosts images and videos, so use them to tell bite-sized, snackable stories with a purpose. 
Here’s one of the posts from @natashaskitchen.
Using relevant hashtags makes your content discoverable, amplifies your reach, and encourages audience engagement – converting followers into customers.
People love following these trends- it’s one of the most significant content sources going viral on the platforms. 
Use these six best practices to increase your chances of going viral and enjoy the results. Happy posting!

1 – Create original and unique content

Now, you must be wondering how can this make you go viral?
Once people find your story inspiring and relatable, they’ll start sharing it, drawing more eyes to your content.
I’m sure you don’t want to get lost in an ocean of mainstream Instagram posts. 
So, if you have a post built from your own experiences but you’re doubtful, post it right away!
So, other Instagram users with similar interests can find your post easily.  
Uniqueness can help with massive exposure and can increase your chances to go viral. You can also design your own challenges.
Creating shareable and saveable content is no longer like stealing candy from a baby. The Instagram algorithm has reduced the reach for organic content- but it’s still crackable.
Since the primary purpose of using hashtags is to get more eyes on your post, the right strategy can position your content in front of your target audience.

2 – Use storytelling to humanise your content

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You can include custom discount codes in your post content, run limited-time offers, and even create QR codes to link to your product pages, ebooks, or other promotional content, thus using your viral content on Instagram to grow your business.

Also, make sure you pay attention to notifications after the post goes live, as responding to comments can boost engagement further. 
Imagine getting 100,000+ likes, massive views, comments, and followers, people sharing your post like crazy, and brands approaching to collaborate.
How To Create Viral Instagram Posts
The best answer to this is by being you. Everyone is creating similar content on their Instagram pages and profiles because originality and authenticity get lost. 
Working with Instagram influencers with a significant number of followers in the same niche and target audience can boost your brand awareness and engagement.
Always remember that it’s your voice that brings out the best version of you, not someone else’s.
In this article, we’ll explore six powerful ways to increase your chances of going viral on Instagram sooner than you expect. Let’s dive in!
Best Time To Post On Instagram To Go Viral
With over 95 million photos and videos shared daily, the chances of going viral are pretty rare – but not impossible.

3 – Use a hashtag strategy to amplify the reach

The easiest way to understand your user requirements is by analysing your Instagram metrics. 
Taking action on rising trends can display a flexible and informed reputation skyrocketing your reach, leading to an increase in following and the posts going viral.
They can endorse your profile, products, or brand via sponsored posts and stories like in this post from @zoesugg. This will encourage their audience to engage with your content thus, building your brand’s credibility.
To understand which hashtags work best for your profile, you need to experiment and analyse their future use based on the results.

Creating unique and original content sets you apart from the crowd and doubles your chances of going viral.

Now, you have a fair understanding of hashtags and how they work, but does your brand have a hashtag strategy to reap its benefits?
The time you publish your post matters a lot. If you publish when more people are only, you will naturally generate more engagement. 
How to Create Viral Instagram Posts
A post with at least one Instagram hashtag gets an average of 12.6% more engagement than posts without a hashtag.
When it comes to an optimal hashtag strategy, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this question.

For a while, forget that Instagram is a business platform and consider it your canvas and paint a story. 

Identify the posts with the most saves and shares. And that’s the content you should create more often.

4 – Collaborate with influencers

There are a lot of good influencer marketing tools that make finding influencers easy. Finding the right ones shouldn’t be a problem. 
Nobody can guarantee that your content will go viral. Your goal should be to create juicy and creative posts that hook your audience’s attention and stop them from scrolling.

As long as you reflect your personality and create original content- you’re on the radar to go viral.

I’m sure that all Instagram enthusiasts are aware of the popular baked feta pasta trend that started on TikTok and eventually took over Instagram by storm. 
Creating beautiful content is a piece of cake these days as there are so many image and video creation tools such as Stencil or PlayPlay that make it easy. You can use the data and create several pieces of content in a few minutes. 
There’s a new Instagram trend every day, and new ones are being created as we move forward. 

5 – Hop on trends

For example, a travel blogger might post an image of a beach in Bali and use hashtags like #traveldiaries #balibeach #balihotel when uploading to Instagram.
Shareable and saveable content has the potential to go viral and turn your followers into customers – so if your post can trigger either of them, you can go viral with the right idea. 
Then schedule your post in advance to go out at this best time. 
Flick Hashtag Strategy
Instagram Paid Partnership
Be authentic and draw emotions to put your story out there and give your audience something to relate with you.

Hopping on trends doesn’t mean following them. You can have a varied opinion or your unique way to depict it. 

Dreaming is good, but going viral on a platform with over 500 million daily users isn’t quite as easy as dreaming. 
Because it can be a turning point for your brand and take it to a whole new level.
Take some time to search for influencers that align with your target audience, brand goals, and vision. Form a strong relationship with them and agree on mutually benefiting terms to sign the deal. 

6 – Aim at creating shareable and saveable content

Now, you must be wondering how?
You can also collaborate with nano-influencers to target a small yet specific audience to help with the reach. 
A post that relates with the audience and has an excellent combination of creativity and intent has high chances of getting shared.
Ideating a potential viral piece is challenging, but it can indeed be rewarding for a brand with the right mix of personality and originality. 
So, hopping on trends as soon as possible can work in a fantastic way for your brand.
How To Create Viral Instagram Images
It might take you a while to figure out a purposeful story, but it’s worth the effort.
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7 – Publish at the best time

Humans are emotional beings – we connect with emotion more than logic, so use it to your advantage to tell an original and inspiring story.

There’s a blurry line between seeking content inspiration and creating something of your own, like no one else. Once you achieve the latter, you’ll be surprised to see the kind of traction it gets.
Best Instagram Hashtag Strategy
Create something that connects you with your viewers because it will humanise your brand. 
Also, think about how you can use your viral content to bring leads into your marketing funnel. 

Final thoughts

One popular hashtag strategy is the “ladder strategy,” which involves using a combination of high and low traffic hashtags. Here’s what a hashtag strategy looks like:
[embedded content]
You can share your work routine, a day in your life, an empowering message, or anything that tells a story about you. 
That’s how big it is when I say the word “viral.”

So, either used a study that shows you the best time to post on Instagram or use an analytics tool that finds your unique best time. 

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