Animated Explainer Videos: How to Impact Your Company

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There are compelling reasons for having an explainer video these days if you work in communications or marketing. 
Animated explainer videos have been used more by brands and businesses over the past few years. 
An animated explainer video on a homepage provides a way for your prospects to learn the key points about your business without them needing to navigate their way around your website to find them.
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This instantly creates a connection between your brand and your prospects. 
The audio communicates an idea, while you’re also using images to back up that idea, and you can also add text to provide additional insight. 
Just select the most critical messages and details you want to include, and make a short but effective video.
This is another example of how an explainer video can help a business – people trust other people. 

Grabbing Your Audience’s Attention

That’s especially the case with explainer videos, where you don’t want to give so much information to the viewer that they feel overwhelmed. 

It takes far less time to get your message across in a video than it does with other mediums, such as text. 
A significant 88 per cent of businesses use one or more of them. 
When a prospect lands on your website, that site needs to grab them and learn more about them. 
So it would be best if you reeled them in fast.
The reason for explainer videos is to explain a product or process succinctly and shortly. These videos are typically no longer than 90 seconds. 

Putting Motion into Your Brand

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You can find out more from Instinct Animations about how to take advantage of this medium. 

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This is especially applicable if your business is built around intangible products, such as products so tiny that they aren’t able to be filmed.
Some of the best explainer videos are built on brand guidelines, using a brand’s fonts and colour palette to create a design style in line with the rest of the brand’s communications and marketing. 
These combined elements pack quite a punch.
Encouraging prospects to consume content will see them spend more time on your site and reduce your bounce rate. 
Most explainer videos use animation. This lets you breathe life into your brand. 

Succinctly Explain Your Proposition

For now, we’re going to explore some of those reasons why an animated explainer video is so crucial for your business.

Animated Explainer Videos: How to Impact Your Company
But what is it that makes animated explainer videos so unique? And what’s the reason behind their popularity among brands and businesses?
Video quickly gets your audience’s attention and can provide them with information quicker than text can. 
Research has proven that viewers tend to drop off after two minutes of watching time. 
Many people are using these videos these days in a bid to engage their audiences. 
Demand For Video Content
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These videos help close the gap between you being a business and belonging to a community of passionate individuals.

More time spent on your site will hopefully lead to more conversions and happy customers.

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