New York studio Gretel partners with Japan’s largest publisher Kodansha to update its identity and logo

Teaming up with Gretel was therefore a fitting choice; a branding agency working with a diverse range of disciplines including strategy, research, copywriting, art direction, live-action production, design and motion. It also boasts a client list ranging from Apple, Netflix, The New York Times to MoMA and Noma, and in 2019 we saw the studio update Nike’s consumer-led sub-brand Nike ID to By You – reflecting its wide array of customisation options.
Kodansha launched in 1909 by Seiji Noma, making its debut with the literary magazine Yūben. For many years, the prestigious publishing house has continued to build a name for itself. And only now – over a century later – it has decided to update its identity, reaching a more global audience to better reflect its varied content.
Kodansha is Japan’s largest publisher known for many acclaimed stories such as Akira and Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, plus countless children’s books and pieces of non-fiction. It also kicked off the careers of storytellers like Haruki Murakami, and released countless manga magazines including Nakayoshi, Afternoon, Evening, Weekly Shōnen Magazine, plus literary titles such as Gunzō and Shúkan Gendai.
For the first time in 112 years since its founding, Japanese publishers Kodansha has released a new brand identity and logo, conceived in partnership with New York-based branding studio Gretel.

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