Studio Output on its matured and balanced rebrand of 3D motion graphics studio Found

“Our new brand represents more than just a facelift,” adds Moore in the company’s statement. “The project has been a joy to work on and would be nothing without the team at Output who created it with us.”
As such, Studio Output proceeded to redesign the brand and website, including an updated logo that steers towards a more simple and impactful aesthetic – “like a favourite magazine masthead”, says Studio Output on its website. “At its heart, it’s a simple typographic mark that plays with light and shadow. A deliberate balance of classic and contemporary, focusing on what catches the eye. But with Found’s ability to take the logo into a 3D space, it was abstracted and remixed into many different expressions. Collaborating together created a broader, more immersive brand world, all from a single two-dimensional form.”
Found is a long-term collaborator of the studio’s, and its team make up a selection of creators, artists and makers – all of which work in 3D motion design. In order to better reflect the company’s recent work and its shift towards design-led projects, it needed an enlivened and matured identity. “The tone of the previous brand had become increasingly out of kilter with the strong culture we have here at Found and the vibe of the team,” says Dan Moore, managing director of Found and former Studio Output team member.
With a brief to refresh the site experience and brand identity, Studio Output was a fitting choice for the job. The studio consists of managing director and partner Gemma Ballinger, creative director and partner Johanna Drewe and founding partner Rob Coke – plus a handful of designers and strategists. It also prides itself on collaboration and curiosity, boasting a portfolio filled with projects in the realms of branding, marketing and product design, with clients ranging from Monzo to Mixcloud and Auto Trader to BBC Three.
Studio Output – a London-based studio of designers, strategists and producers – has announced a rebrand for Found, a creative studio that focuses on 3D motion design. Having previously centred its pursuits on advertising, Found has now evolved into the world of branding. Thus, it needed an updated identity to communicate this new direction.

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