DixonBaxi creates new design system for Hulu

To instigate this change, DixonBaxi, in close collaboration with Hulu’s brand, product, campaign and strategy teams, create four global design principles to lead the work. The first principle, “always a story” reflects the actual product Hulu presents in its storytelling, followed by a want to “do it different” as the brand does in its original commissioning. A sense of character is then pin pointed in the third and fourth principles of “simply essential” and “delightfully human”. With these principles aligning the teams, the major factor in this new brand design is a visual system for the Hulu teams to adopt going forward.
London-based design studio DixonBaxi has created a new brand design for US streaming platform, Hulu. With over 39.4 million subscribers in the US, the platform has grown extensively over the past few years. Its partnership with DixonBaxi mirrors this, realigning and reimagining the brand. “The new design unifies the Hulu experience like never before with a brand system born from the origins of its name,” reads a release from DixonBaxi. “We call this ‘One Hulu’.”
This design system, named by the teams as the “Vessel”, creates an ever growing framework for Hulu’s teams to guide and talk about the work, as well as market it cohesively in creative campaigns. There are noticeable design details within the Vessel which immediately present this change, such as a focus on Hulu’s distinct green brand colour which now “creates ownership and punctuates stories,” explains the release. To uniquely raise Hulu’s voice further, the brand identity has been streamlined to just one typeface across the entire Hulu experience; adopting Graphik across the platform and promotional material to bring “character swagger and style.”
These visual elements are then drummed up further in a new tone of voice for the brand, described as featuring “punchy headlines that make people think twice, as much being friendly and fun telling people what they need to know,” soon to be seen across a series of major out-of-home campaigns across the US.

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