Inside Megacomputeur’s world

Adopting the shiny, cartoonish aesthetic of big-budget animation films, MegaComputeur’s CGI films lure viewers in with bright colours, slick transitions and ludicrous situations. But they have an edge to them. “We like the fact that CGI traditionally is more for kids, because of studios like Pixar and Dreamworks,” says Camille Jalabert, one-third of MegaComputeur. “We like to change the direction and play with the rules and codes of these types of films to make films for adults, with blood or violence and stuff like that.” 
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Top: Still from Play Off, 2017; Above: Still from Deuspi, 2017. All images courtesy of MegaComputeur and Passion Pictures

It started with two hapless shoplifters and then an angry miniature golfer. Then there was a monster under the bed, a disorganised mountain rescue mission and, most recently, an angry doughnut on a tirade against an innocent IT office worker. The stories that animation collective MegaComputeur have told over the years have explored a surprisingly varied and unrelated selection of topics, but they do have one thing in common – they are stupidly funny. 

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