Month: February 2021

How and when to rebrand your business

Creative Insight CR investigates the thorny process of rebranding a business, from how you know it’s time to overhaul your visual identity to making sure your new look fits into your plans for the future

The 7 Golden Rules for Managing Social Media Brands

What will I learn? show What other tips can you share on managing social media brands today? Let us know in the comments below. The two pillars of social media design and marketing are images

Growing Areas of Innovations in UX/UI Design

What will I learn? show Animated illustrations are one part of UI design that is fast growing and entails using animation and visual effects to digital product design.  However, all that is welcome since 88 per cent


A History of the Maoist Propaganda Poster + Depicting a China That Never Was

Among the most intriguing posters—and the ones which are documented in this article—are those that chronicle the era of Chairman Mao Zedong. Moving and provocative, the posters are extraordinary for their art and baffling for

Branding & Art Direction for Fabricate Studios

Studio NinetyOne is a creative studio based in London, United Kingdom. They have shared the branding and overall art direction they have worked on for ‘Fabricate Studios’, which is (as I quote) “a lighting company