Month: February 2021

Zohar Dvir animates a bubble-filled fantasy world for Teddi Gold

Creative Inspiration Gold discovered Dvir’s work via Vimeo, and says she was “instantly obsessed” with the director’s mix of surrealism and humour. Thought Bubbles explores the feeling of being unable to reach a loved one,

How To Design A Conversion Funnel For Improved Customer Experience

What will I learn? show Image Source The end-goal is to nudge your customers to take the desired action by providing relevant visual cues in CTA buttons.  Pro tip: Note that once your customer has

9 SEO Trends in 2021 You Must Know About

What will I learn? show This ranking strategy helps Google to rank specific and relevant passages instead of a page.  Hubspot states that more than 43% of the people are seeking higher online video content. 

John-Paul Flintoff offers advice to creatives on how to tackle public speaking

Researching for the book saw Flintoff interview people who struggle with presenting, and is therefore written with these people in mind, aimed at anyone who’s felt the fear of taking from a podium. It takes

Is it time for a radical simplification of digital design?

And it’s a similar story for many other digital products that have become mainstays of our online lives. As features have proliferated, these platforms have become ever more complex and, for many, overwhelming worlds to

How Custom Signage Design Impacts Your Brand Identity

What will I learn? show They might include posting social media content, using branded stationery, and designing your website to highlight aspects of your brand.  Maybe you run a child care service. In that case,

Folk Beasts is a series of craft packs for those affected by the pandemic

Funded by Arts Council England, Folk Beasts has produced 100 editions. This means a total of 1,700 packs have been sent out to Hart Club’s network of charities, supported studios, SEN schools, food banks and

10 Ways to Optimise Your Website for More Traffic and Higher Conversions

What will I learn? show It’s also about tweaking your website’s performance to perfection. In other words, SEO encompasses various strategies that will help your website rank well with search engines, such as Google.  When

A New Angle: The Wei hopes to elevate mid-career creative womxn, en masse

Alessandra Lariu: For 14 years SheSays’ mission has always been getting more womxn and non-binary people into leadership positions. SheSays’ new venture The WEI’s mission is to use technology to do that at scale. The WEI stands for Womxn (with) Epic Ideas and it