Month: February 2021

3 Types of Digital Marketing that Can Benefit Your Business

What will I learn? show Another of the tried and tested types of digital marketing solutions is email marketing.  This means doing everything from ensuring a user-friendly website design to engaging with customers online via social media

What’s in store for the future of Arabic visual culture? Archief Cairo on communicating across borders

Archief Cairo is a multilingual lab for research, preservation and communication, based in the Egyptian capital. Established in 2018 by Hana Neyman, Maram El Refaei, Sherine Salla and Ryan Vicente Lee Grees, the group met

Yolt’s campaign blames bad spending habits on our unruly lizard brains

Creative Inspiration While containing plenty of entertaining explanations of what leads us to make dubious financial decisions, the tone of the campaign is notably (and thankfully) non-preachy, absolving all of us from the guilt that

The Impact of a Global Pandemic on Online Business and Marketing

What will I learn? show Back in February 2011, marketing spending was 8.1% of a typical firm’s revenue.  Despite the pandemic’s disastrous impact on the global economy, the virus may become more of a benefit

Serif Saturday – Taiyo™ Serif

Brígida Lourenço Guerreiro and KOBU Agency shared a beautiful serif font. Taiyo™ Serif is a digital typographic font with seven weights – light, regular, medium, semibold, bold, extra bold and black – and two styles

“Designers are not neutral agents”: Paola Antonelli explores design’s role in building a better future

In this highly insightful 25-minute Q&A, the writer and curator covered a lot of ground. From the dilemmas that design students are facing today, to the responsibility of designers and how they should accept the

Susan Meiselas’s new book Eyes Open features 23 photography projects for curious kids

Eyes Open is loosely inspired by Meiselas’ previous cult classic, Learn to See, a sourcebook of ideas from and for teachers and students published by the Polaroid Foundation in 1974. Reimagining this volume nearly 50

Stylish new McDonald’s ads promote home delivery service

Creative Inspiration The fast food brand isn’t mentioned by name in the posters, which instead rely on the power of its golden arches branding Credits:Agency: Leo Burnett LondonCCO: Chaka SobhaniECD: Mark ElwoodCreative directors: Andrew Long,

How Calm created a billion dollar wellness app

Creative Insight There are now, literally, millions of apps for people to download. Think of a problem you’re having, and there’s most likely an app claiming to solve it – whether that’s helping to organise