“My concept behind the music video revolved around a character that is present in her absence, and characters based on Teddi and her cat Babou that can’t reach her,” explains the director, who’s been experimenting with animation since she was a teenager.
The musician’s Thought Bubbles music video explores the boundaries between real and make-believe through the experiences of a girl and her cat
Dvir’s film takes place in a domestic setting, filled with plants and packing boxes but otherwise sadly empty of inhabitants. As the main character and her spotty feline companion explore it, we get flashes of alternate fantasy worlds – including sailing across the sea atop a giant cat, and floating through an underwater setting. All the while, Dvir’s pastel colour palette and flickering outlines make for a fitting accompaniment to Gold’s poppy track.
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Animation & direction: Zohar Dvir
Executive producer: Sandra Spethmann
Production company: Greatcoat Films “I used the theme of bubbles and bursting bubbles to represent the process of waking up from fantasy to reality,” adds Dvir. “The boundary between the two blurs as the bubbles start carrying away everything that was left behind.”