Folk Beasts is a series of craft packs for those affected by the pandemic

Funded by Arts Council England, Folk Beasts has produced 100 editions. This means a total of 1,700 packs have been sent out to Hart Club’s network of charities, supported studios, SEN schools, food banks and other projects that enable people to participate remotely. It’s predominantly aimed at Hart Club’s community, and those who have been largely affected by the pandemic; with activities and social interactions halted, this has had a dire affect on peoples’ mental and physical wellbeing.
Centring on the theme of folklore, 17 artists were commissioned to create ten art activity packs. The artists involved include Jay Cover, Aidan Saunders, Celine Ka Wing Lau, Harriet Vine MBE, Lena Yokoyama Yuk Fun and many more. Each artist followed a brief to design their own craft packs, with a particular focus accessibility and inspiring the public to engage in the arts at home. With the topic of folklore in mind, this meant their design interpretations could take form in a myriad of ways, including animal-based folklore and myth.
Folk Beasts is a series of make-at-home craft packs, created as a collaboration between Hart Club – an organisation championing neurodiversity in the arts – and The Golden Thread Project, a company that aims to popularise folklore through the arts. The packs are designed by a selection of London-based artists and illustrators, conceived as a means of combating the increasing isolation brought on by the pandemic.

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