Unsurprisingly, given ongoing events, this year Comic Relief is celebrating the way that laughter, smiles and silliness can bring people together regardless of their differences.
Ad agency Pablo has created a series of posters and a film for Comic Relief’s Funny is Power campaign, all emphasising humour’s ability to bring people together
Agency: Pablo
ECD: Dan Watts

Creative directors: Nathalie Gordon, Craig Ainsley

Creatives: Amy Fasey, Jacob Hellstrom
Production company: Mister Tibbs
Director Sami Abusamra
Post production: Electric Theatre Collective

The campaign also includes a series of posters, set in bright reds and yellows and repeating the ‘funny is power’ messaging. The campaign film, directed by Sami Abusamra, begins quite seriously – voiced by Dame Judi Dench, and focused on the many things that divide humanity. But it loosens up around the 40-second mark when the actress gets hold of Benedict Cumberbatch and a Henry hoover.