Month: February 2021

How car UX design is leapfrogging into the future

Creative Insight We recommend activating Javascript in your browser. Cars have come a long way from the days when you’d click the radio out of the dashboard and take it with you. Now, wipers and

Modern Marketing Ideas: 8 Tips For Every Bar and Restaurant

What will I learn? show Through this, you organically build relationships with other people and improve your restaurant or bar’s visibility. By implementing these modern marketing ideas, which not only allows you to reach out

Glorious is a new platform celebrating women’s sport through art and culture

The Glorious team is lead by editorial director Alison Root, who has 20 years’ experience in the industry, as well as lifestyle editor Annabel Herrick. It is co-founded by Martin Root, creative director and founder

Lena Yokoyama uses illustration as a translation tool for intrinsic words or phrases

The revolution in Lena’s practice however was when she acquired her own Risograph printer in second year, not only allowing her the freedom to print, but begin an illustrative approach centring around “thinking and drawing

Adidas’ and Puma’s Timeless Brand Identities

What will I learn? show Both companies compete with the number one winner Nike. Also See: Adidas Ads in Print Magazines and The Company’s Marketing Strategy Adolf registered Adidas’ name in 1948. Nobody knows exactly


Wieden+Kennedy and Golgotha launch an “eyeball-melting” film for Formula 1’s new range of fragrances

Further detailing the inspiration behind the visuals, Precious Mettle has been deemed as “a fresh, intense, woody fragrance with a metallic twist that represents the courageousness required from drivers as they line up on the

Is UX design the final frontier of the streaming wars?

Creative Insight With the global revenue of video-on-demand services estimated to be roughly £40 billion, it’s unsurprising that a number of existing entertainment giants have been eager to enter the fray, most recently the long-awaited

Word-of-Mouth Marketing: Unleashing its Power (Tips and Tricks)

What will I learn? show Maybe, providing fun tips on how to achieve something might be more the ticket? Either way, brainstorm some ideas, and get filming! For instance, you could send automated welcome emails

Why Visual Hierarchy Matters in Web Design

What will I learn? show Some of this information is general – for example, 51% of users think “thorough contact information” is the most crucial element missing from many company websites, so it’d be a real win if you