Month: January 2021

How To Make Logos With Drawtify To Best Powerful Brand Image

Fortunately, you have completed the fourth item of this article. Now, please log in to Drawtify’s official website now. Whether you directly join its online graphic design platform or download Drawtify Logo Maker & Animator


An Exhaustive, Idiosyncratic Inventory of France, Documented, Classified + Filtered

Mondement, Marne, France. Courtesy Atlas des Régions Naturelles. As of December, the artists are back on the road, headed to the south via the Alps. “There’s a lot of visual diversity awaiting us,” Tabuchi says.


Iconic Artpop duo Sparks On Its Mysterious, “Mid-action” Cover Designs + Using Imagery to Build Narratives

Sparks, Kimono My House and Halfnelson sleeve designs Halfnelson (1971) The instantly recognizable image featuring two geishas was shot by Karl Stoecker, who photographed many of the infamous, glossy, hyperreal Roxy Music album covers of


Isometric Studio is Rethinking What it Means to Design for Social Good

Spread from “Confronting Unjust Policing Primer.” Courtesy Isometric Studio. Regardless of the project or the client, Isometric embraces these challenges, seeking to move beyond stylistic dichotomies and predefined types of work. When they were just

Low and No Alcohol Drinks are Serving Up Some of the Best Label Design Right Now

Coming from Finland, Kåska is a low ABV spirit whose bottle is designed to convey a friendly, easy-going vibe. Kåska’s founders, Eetu Topo and Fred Karlsson worked with the designers at Helsinki’s Kallan & Co

Logo Design Principles

4. Versatility Can Take You a Long Way Remember, you don’t need to have loads and loads of elements for a good logo. Instead, it would be better if you chose only a few elements


The CIA Has Always Understood the Power of Graphic Design

Exhibition view of Graphic Arts USA, 1963. Courtesy Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv. Many of the most quintessentially mid-century modern graphic designers and illustrators had their work included, and the takeaway portfolio of prints, which

Charming & Vibrant Packaging Design for Amare The Label

Alejandro Gavancho has shared this absolutely stunning packaging design for ‘Amare The Label’ which is swimwear brand. Designed by Alejandro who is a graphic designer (Diseñador Gráfico) based in Leeds, United Kingdom. I just like


The Life of Huang Hua Cheng, the Idiosyncratic Designer Who “Led Taiwan into the First Design Revolution”

Huang Hua Cheng. Images courtesy of Taipei Fine Arts Museum. Growing up in Taiwan during this time, Huang inevitably became a part of the cultural influences that made up the country’s past, present, and future.