Month: November 2020

8 Inspiring Logo Design Trends In 2021 & Complete Logo Maker

In the next few years, tapered gradients will gradually be used. It allows simple projects to be turned into more complex designs.3D gradient logos may be difficult to print, but they are very suitable for

6 Important Graphic Design Trends In E-commerce In 2021

For years, square grid layouts have dominated e-commerce (think Amazon’s endless thumbnail scrolling). The strict rows and columns of products of the same size can keep all content structured, make browsing easier, and can be

How to Start a Photography Business

Furthermore, using that frame of reference, you can look at the resources and investment that you have compared to other people. By doing so, you will have more knowledge on how to start a photography

32 Legendary and Wild Western Fonts

Download FontDownload Font Western Wildler Slab Vintage Download Font Strong West – Retro Tattoo Font Download Font Traveler Download Font Westwood – Funny Western Font Download Font The Northwest – Textured Vintage Type Family Download

Powerful graphic design App For Mac & Windows & Web|Drawtify

Importantly, it has almost no learning curve. Therefore, it suits everyone and is an ideal graphic design app. Suitable for Mac, Windows, and Web. [embedded content]Powerful graphic design App For Mac & Windows & Web

How to Start a Real Estate Business

Set Up an LLC Be consistent when campaigning for your marketing brand by making sure that each promotional advertisement represents your brand with accuracy. They key initiative of how to start a real estate business

The Sm;)e Book Celebrates the Smiley Face

Leaving aside the paraphernalia, The Sm;)e Book is a curated collection of artworks incorporating the yellow smiley face from some of the most important visual communicators of our time. To publish the book, the authors

More Friendly Graphic Design APP | Drawtify Update Report

In this update, unlimited layers of control panels have been added. It can be used to view layers, hide layers, lock layers, and adjust the stacking order of graphics. It will be more beneficial to