Month: October 2020

Surreal Animal Photoshop Manipulation by Julien Tabet

Sheep Elephant Cheetah Turtle Turtle Bull Goat Check out his website Julien Tabet. Cat Pelican Antelopes Swan Dolphin Dalmatian Views: 711 Share 0 Tweet 0 Pinterest53

40 Fierce and Geometric Tribal Fonts Free & Premium

Download FontDownload Font Mjölnir – Nordic Tribal Font Download Font Primata Font Download Font Tropicane Typeface Download Font Toraja – Handwritten Ethnic Font Download Font Braque – Modern Geometric Logo Font Download Font Purba Font

Stunning 3D Typography & Lettering by Biksence Nguyen

Home made fruit Unique Check out his website Biksense Nguyen. You can also follow him on Instagram @biksence for more of his latest work. Nguyen creates outstanding 3D art and lettering using digital medium. He

The colorful world of artist Alex Proba

From the bottom of a pool to giant murals all over New York, Proba work is quite distinctive ! Her surreal compositions are full life as she describe it : “My creations are supposed to

Breathtaking Typography Wall Art by Gemma O’Brien

It’s the future Charging into battle This moment is yours Come hell or high water (with Gemma) Pure Feeling Pure Feeling Joy XOXO Lucky OK OK Check out Gemma O’Brien’s website here and follow her

Amazing Chalkboard Lettering Inspiration by Stefan Kunz

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Brand Identity Design

Having a solid logo is essential for having an impeccable brand design.It provides consumers with a gist of your company in just one glance. Choose wisely with this element as it is going to be