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Step 4: Preview and adjust. Save online or download directly.

Why create a “vector” logo?

First, draw or modify with reference to your logo sketch. Don’t worry, the vector editors of online graphic design software are very simple and basically do not need to learn. Therefore, you can even complete it in a few minutes.

This is the end of this explanation. Let’s get back to the subject, if you want to create your own vector logo, then please continue reading.
Obviously, you have amazing creativity and the courage to challenge everything. So, start now, choose an online graphic design software with a vector editor to create your own vector logo online. Or, continue reading the following tutorials to start your great design tasks easier.

Working with a design company or with a professional graphic designer is obviously a solution. However, you must consider your wallet. At the same time, you need to spend some time explaining some information. For example, why would you create a brand logo? Your business, brand story, and development expectations and goals, etc.? And be prepared to communicate and modify repeatedly. In addition, you should know that no cooperation can guarantee a satisfactory result, but you should still pay for it.

Generally, online graphic design software has editable templates. Not only can they help you quickly complete the creation of vector logos, at the same time, browsing them will stimulate your creativity. This is very important. Therefore, please prepare paper and pen to record the elements that suit your brand and excite you. For example, an icon, a creative font, or even a curve.

After you finish the design, you can observe the overall view through the preview. Or invite the same time, friends, and family to appreciate together. Moreover, you can modify it at any time.
3. No need to set the resolution in advance
In addition, another type of graphics you may have heard of is raster graphics. Raster graphics contain pixels instead of points, lines, and curves. Each pixel has its own color, and if you enlarge it, you will see continuous small patches of color. Images in this format are suitable for storing photos. Unfortunately, it will be distorted and blurred when zooming. The solution is to set higher pixels when creating. For example, the print setting is 300dpi and the web setting is 72dpi.
Then, give full play to your creativity and build the prototype of your logo. This may take some time, but don’t worry. Because your current job is the same as the most professional designer. It’s the creative stage, or so-called, sketch.
Step 2: Create a vector logo design task.
If your budget is limited. Then, doing it yourself will be a better solution. Even if you are not a designer. You don’t need to worry about the expensive fees and steep learning curve of Illustrator or CorelDRAW. Because you can quickly find suitable online graphic design software on Google. For example, Drawtify, YouiDraw, Vectr. However, Canva and Crello, which are more famous but do not have a vector editor, are not recommended.
With a simple description, you may have understood why you should ensure that your logo is a vector graphic. And summarize the following points.
2. Editable

Vector graphics do not depend on the image resolution. On the contrary, raster graphics need to consider the resolution in advance according to the purpose. For example, monitors, printers, etc.

How to choose a suitable way to obtain a vector logo?

Asmentioned at the beginning of this article, “Usually, there are three ways to obtain a logo. Including, working with a design company, or working with a professional graphic designer. Of course, it also includes doing it yourself.” Then, SMEs, especially start-ups How should companies choose?
Vector graphics can only be generated by the software. A vector can be a point or a line, and through a curve based on mathematical equations. Once connected, these elements will create shapes with geometric properties. Vector graphics contain independent, separable images that can be recombined freely and without restriction. The important thing is that vector graphics have nothing to do with resolution, and you can zoom in or zoom out at will without losing quality. And the file takes up less space.

Finally, you can save it online, or choose a suitable format to download, and you can’t send it anywhere, or even download it directly.

How to create a vector logo online?

As a brand owner, creating an exclusive brand logo is always a necessary investment. Generally, there are three ways to obtain a logo. Including, working with design companies, or working with professional graphic designers. Of course, it also includes doing it yourself. However, when you start creating a logo, make sure you are creating a vector logo.

Your logo may need to appear anywhere, and it needs to be enlarged or reduced. With vector logos, even if you zoom in many times, you will not lose any clarity. However, when using raster logos, if you zoom in too much, you will lose clarity. This is the first reason why vector graphics are more suitable for logos.
First of all, what is vector graphics?
Why choose Drawtify to start this tutorial? Because it has a vector editor. The important thing is that it can be free forever. Although it is free, high-definition pictures cannot be downloaded. However, it is very learning-friendly. Because Drawtify opens all design functions, design plug-ins, resource libraries, and high-quality editable design templates.
Okay, let’s not introduce the software. let’s start!

Step 3: Edit the vector logo design task.
Drawtify’s vector logo template

Raster logos require larger files to ensure clarity. This is because it needs to remember millions of pixels. Including, each of the pixels has X and Y coordinates and color information. In contrast, vector graphics do not need to store much information, so their size can be smaller.
Step 1: Browse high-quality editable vector logo templates. And prepare paper and pen.
Then, follow your creative thoughts and give full play to your creativity. Adjust the layout and add visual effects. For example, adding colors, contours, gradients, transparency, 3D effects, etc.
Your logo may require different revisions to better suit your business development. With vector logos, you can make quick corrections or make numerous changes as needed. Individual elements can be deleted, added, or edited without affecting other elements in the image. However, when using raster logos, it will be limited or very difficult. This is the second reason why vector graphics are more suitable for logos.
When you are ready to sketch. Please click on the “editable logo template” you like best or closest to your sketch to enter the design center and create your logo design task. You can modify the file name at this time, or modify it later.
Then, add a name, slogan, etc. Choose a suitable font, or directly use the vector editor to create a unique and exclusive artistic font. Of course, you can create a “text logo”, which is the creative editing of the name. For example, NASA, FedEx, SAMSUNG, eBay, etc.
4. Smaller files

Check out the video tutorial,
Or log in to and refer to the following text description. Try it for free.
Screenshot of Drawtify’s vector logo design

1. Clarity
For a designer company or professional graphic designer, it is basic common sense to ensure that the logo is a vector graphic. However, for non-designers, you may need to read the following for a quick understanding.
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Of course, you can also start with a blank file. It only needs more courage.

Ok. In fact, this is just a seemingly difficult task, but it is indeed a task that can be done by yourself. Of course, if you want to make sure your vector logo is charming enough, then more practice is essential. But online graphic design software with a vector editor can help you get started, right?

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