How to make a newsletter with Drawtify to powerful marketing?

make a newsletter

How to make a newsletter with Drawtify?

7 design tips to make a newsletter

Spend some time browsing your inbox and analyzing newsletters. You can write down the newsletter layout, headlines, call-to-action, etc., and use them to inspire you and improve your own newsletter.
So, start creating the perfect newsletter for your business now to raise it to a new level. Of course, you can use Drawtify to create your own newsletter for free by browsing the editable newsletter template.

Create a title and call to action

How to make a newsletter with Drawtify?

Let your logo decide the color scheme

You can add a simple text link to the newsletter, but inserting eye-catching buttons may increase your conversion rate. Buttons are more effective than text links because of their large size, eye-catching colors, and attractive design elements.

Stick to standard fonts

Your newsletter may have several different contents, which should be divided by subheadings. The subtitle should be an overview of the content or an indicative slogan, and the audience in armor can quickly understand what you want to say in a few seconds.

Use subtitles to segment

How to make a newsletter for powerful marketing to improve the brand image? Drawtify can help you get eye-catching newsletters! Even if you are not a designer.
Drawtify is a free online newsletter maker. It not only provides a large number of newsletter templates but also has a wealth of built-in design functions. Therefore, Drawtify will be the best choice for making newsletters online.
Join Drawtify. Create amazing newsletters in minutes.

Use pictures to increase strength

make a newsletter

All you need is a Drawtify account.
No download, expensive design fees, learning difficulties. No need to find design materials across platforms and worry about any copyright issues.

Looking for inspiration

First, enter the Drawtify Design Center, and then click “Newsletter” on the left.
Then, select the required newsletter template in the template gallery. And click the template to enter the design editing page.
Then, double-click the text in the template to modify the name, tagline, information, data, etc. Here, if you need to use your own logo, you can upload and replace it. If there is no logo, you can use Drawtify to make one immediately.


When choosing fonts for newsletters, the top priority is correctness. Avoid using multiple different fonts in a newsletter: too many fonts together will create a mess, a messy appearance, and it is easy to distract readers. Choose one or up to two fonts for the entire newsletter. Of course, you can combine size, bold, tilt, etc. to point out the key points and guide reading.

How to make a newsletter with Drawtify?
Image showing free newsletter maker

The fastest way to use Drawtify to make a newsletter:

By adding certain pictures, you can attract readers and at the same time enhance the effectiveness of the message. At the same time, pictures with matching content can also enhance the power of your information.
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How to make a newsletter with Drawtify?
make a newsletter
make a newsletter
Drawtify, make design easier. Drawtify is an online graphic design software with vector drawing, layout, photo editing, and typography. It works on all platforms. And it’s free.

How to make a newsletter with Drawtify?

make a newsletter
Image showing free newsletter maker
make a newsletter
A good newsletter has many advantages. But only newsletters that are visually appealing, readers can choose to read. Therefore, we created 7 design tips to make your newsletter more visually appealing.


Of course, you should include a call-to-action in your newsletter, but you shouldn’t just consider sales. Newsletters should provide useful information.

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Of course, you can redefine icons and colors.
Finally, after a few minutes, you will make a newsletter.

Newsletters are not only newsworthy but also readable.
How to make a newsletter? No design experience? No problem.
Because, Drawtify is an online graphic design software, with a vector editor, layout function, photo editor, and typography tools, and is easy to use and suitable for everyone.
With the Drawtify free newsletter maker, anyone can easily make a newsletter.

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