Top Airlines Branding & Desirability Ranking



  • Etihad is the most desired airline with 98% of respondents wanting to fly in it by the power of the brand alone. Qatar Airways and Lufthansa followed with 96% and 95% respectively.
  • Air Astana came as the least desired
  • Lufthansa and British Airways were the most recognized worldwide.


In the beginning, we wanted to know if they recognized the airline and if they had a clue in which country the company was located. For each of these two questions, participants had to choose between five options.

  • The 92 most important airlines in terms of passenger transport and with data publicly available. Some airlines were not included because they only published passenger numbers for the holding but not for a specific airline.

The aided online poll was conducted among 24,000 participants from 68 countries aged between 17 and 78 who claimed to have traveled by plane at least one time during the past 24 months.

  • The Headquarter of the company.

Lower Tier

  • Data from publicly available sources, e. g. annual reports, online newspapers or Wikipedia. If not marked otherwise, data is from 2016.

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