Forgotten Railway Crossing in Salamander Place, Leith

The abandoned level crossing in Salamander Place, Edinburgh (Images: Urban Ghosts. The abandoned level crossing in Salamander Place, Edinburgh)

Set into the storied cobbles of Edinburgh‘s Salamander Place, a short stretch of forgotten railway lines echoes the rich history of railway activity around Leith’s 19th century docks.

The line, which was built by the Caledonian Railway company during the Victorian era, carried freight trains over a level crossing to the Leith East goods depot.

Disused railway track in Salamander Place, Leith

The goods yard was closed in 1973 and much of the line was later pulled up. The isolated stretch of track across Salamander Place is all that remains of that level crossing.

Though an active railway still flows into Leith docks on the other side of the adjacent Salamander Street, a plethora of disused lines reveals how extensive the Leith railway network once was.

Salamander Place, Edinburgh

A notable example can be seen near the Shore, where abandoned rail tracks have been preserved like time capsules amid the bustling restaurants that occupy former industrial buildings behind Commercial Street. Check out RailScot for a more detailed history of the Leith New Lines.

Salamander Place, Leith

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