A Levitating Yoda on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile

A levitating Yoda on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh

(Images: Urban Ghosts. A levitating Yoda on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile)

For many years, Edinburgh’s Old Town has been a go-to destination for tourists and street performers alike, both in and out of festival season.

Amid the throng of the Royal Mile yesterday, this levitating (and unusually tall) Yoda drew the attention of many curious passers-by.

Whether or not he was actually using the Force, the illusion caused at least one observer to take a look down his Jedi robes. He’s also apparently something of a fixture by the red telephone kiosk at the foot of the Lawnmarket – making an appearance on Google Street View.

If memory serves, this is the first time that Yoda has put in an appearance on Urban Ghosts. But Star Wars fans may enjoy an assortment of other distant galactic oddities, from the sad wrecks in an X-Wing graveyard to a full-scale Millennium Falcon and real-world film locations.