Ghost Stations of the London Underground (Mapped)

(Image: Dylan Maryk. Schematic map showing the ghost stations of the London Underground)

There are dozens of ghost stations across the labyrinthine London Underground network, and we’ve written about many of them before on Urban Ghosts. As we’ve seen, most of them are not entirely closed, but rather consist of abandoned running tunnels and platforms in otherwise active stations. In a way this makes them even more compelling, as tens of thousands of people passing through a station daily may have no idea that, close by, a long-sealed Tube platform lies silent and deserted. If you’ve ever noticed a gated entrance or mysterious tunnel, an abandoned Tube station may lie beyond.

For those interested in the hidden history of the Tube, Dylan Maryk compiled the above map, showing the many ghost stations of the London Underground, in cooperation with Us Versus Them. Based on the traditional schematic, the map is not entirely new. But it nevertheless remains relevant, as many of these disused Tube stations were closed down decades ago and reflect the constantly evolving nature of the English capital’s transport infrastructure.

To zoom, simply hover over the image.

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