Clipper Race to Brazil: D-day

Hi everyone!

This is a little unorthodox of me to be writing to you all like this, but it’s come down to crunch time and I’m panicking.

I haven’t gotten all the blog posts written that I wanted to post up before I left, but I’ve now literally run out of time. In T minus two hours we’ll be slipping our lines and departing from Brest, France, setting sail for Rio de Janeiro. That’s a 4800-mile journey across the Atlantic Ocean. Eeeeek!

The satellite phone I bought has yet to be tested because I’ve had no time this week to test it with all the work we’ve been doing on our Clipper boats to get ready for departure, so I guess the beta testing will have to be done at sea. Sigh.

So hopefully you’ll be seeing blog updates here on this site, though they will probably be without photos since I am charged per byte when sending info through my satellite phone. And that is only if the system works. Nothing like living by the seat of your pants, eh?

You should also know you can actually follow our boats online on Clipper’s Race Viewer by going here:

Clipper will be updating the boat’s position every hour, so if you keep hitting “refresh” on your browser you’ll see us move along over the next 25 days towards Brazil. Exciting stuff, eh?

Also, you should know that each boat has the right to exercise a 24-hour “stealth period” where we go offline, our AIS is turned off and the other boats can’t see our position. This also means you won’t be able to see our position on the race viewer. But don’t worry – it doesn’t mean we’ve sunk or gone in the wrong direction. It just means you’ll find out where we really are 24 hours later.

I am racing on CV21, Henri Lloyd 50 Years of Pioneering Spirit and Ryan is racing on CV28, PSP Logistics. So I’ll leave it up to you who to root for!

That’s it, folks! I’m either going to step onto that boat with confidence in a few minutes, or I’m going to puke on my shoes. Either way, as of 10 am this morning, I’ll be setting sail for Brazil.

Wish us luck and I’ll see you on the flip side!


Tasha (& Ryan)